MTG Old Frame Formats

The Old Frame League and this website started with only one format in mind, what we nowadays refer to as Old Frame Vintage, but with time and rising demand, there have been several formats that include some or all of the Old Frame Magic the Gathering cards. This article will try to serve as a compilation of all the MTG Old Frame formats, both the ones created by this community and also those that precede or succeed us.

What is “Old Frame”?

We use the Old Frame denomination to refer to those formats where only cards originally printed between Limited Edition Alpha and Scourge are allowed. These would be the cards that had the original Magic the Gathering frame design. Some of these formats allow the use of Modern Frame reprints, as is the case of Premodern.

Old Frame Formats

Here is the list of all the Old Frame formats we know about. By clicking on each format’s link you will find an article we prepared about it, where you can find more information about its rules, deck pictures, where is it played, etc. In the case of historical formats, we have chosen to cut off at the end of each block.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of all the MTG Old Frame Formats, find out about the upcoming events in our Tournaments Calendar.

If we are missing any format, please contact us on the Discord server or Facebook group.