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I Open Old Frame

For a lot of us, the creation back in June of 2020 of the MTG Old Frame League was heaven sent. Swamped by the global pandemic, we had no way of playing our favourite game and tournaments didn’t seem to be something we would enjoy anytime soon.

Luckily the league helped us take the dust out of our sleeves and interact with fellow fans of the old school Magic the Gathering cards. But we love physical cards for a reason, and that very same reason made us miss live tournaments.

I Open Old Frame Banner.

Things have hardly gotten better and the dream of a huge international Old Frame tournament may remain a dream for the foreseeable future, but at least we can now say the First Open Old Frame is in the books and twelve people participated in the first-ever Magic the Gathering Old Frame live tournament, held in Valencia, Spain, with the collaboration of Technoliga Valencia.

The winner deck, Paco’s Secret, was that of Paco Benlloch with a staple of the Old Frame format, TPS.

Table for the I Open Old Frame

Deck NameArchetypePlayerPosition
Paco’s SecretTPSPaco Benlloch1
LandstillLandstillTadeo Pons2
StiflenoughtStiflenoughtJosé Manuel Fernández (Kiwi)3
Super ManKeeperNacho Barrachina4
Food Chain GoblinsGoblinsSete Bandres5
StaxsStaxVedast Sanxis6
Te miro y me embarazoStiflenoughtPablo Suarez7
StiflenoughtStiflenoughtPablo Cubedo8
PoxPoxAlex Makloyf9
ThresholdCanadian ThresholdRaúl Rubio10
Dragón TurbolessTurbo DragonVicente Fernández11
0-XTPSRoberto Martínez12

I Open Old Frame Decks

Following is a picture of most of the decks that participated on our first live tournament, the I Open Old Frame. A great and varied field that showed once again how fun our format is.

You can find all the decklist at TC Decks.

The Perfect Storm – Paco Benlloch – First Place

Paco's Secret (TPS) - Paco Benlloch - First Place.

Landstill – Tadeo Pons – Second Place

Landstill - Tadeo Pons - Second Place.

Stiflenought – José Manuel Fernández (Kiwi) – Semi-Finalist

Stiflenought - Jose Manuel Fernández (Kiwi) - Third Place.

Keeper – Nacho Barrachina – Semi-Finalist

Super Man - Nacho Barrachina - Fourth Place.

Goblins – Sete Bandrés – 5th Place

Food Chain Goblins - Sete Bandres - 5th Place.

Stax – Vedast Sanxis – 6th Place

Stax - Vedast Sanxis - 6th Place.

Stiflenought – Pablo Suárez – 7th Place

Te miro y me embarazo - Pablo Suarez - 7th Place.

Stiflenought – Pablo Cubedo – 8th Place

Stiflenought - Pablo Cubedo - 8th Place.

Pox – Alex Makloyf – 9th Place

Threshold – Raúl Rubio – 10th Place

Turbo Dragon – Vicente Fernández – 11th Place

The Perfect Storm – Roberto Martínez – 12th Place

0-X - Roberto Martinez - 12th Place.