Stax is also known as Prison Control, and that probably gives everything away. Guess what, if you face this deck and it gets ahead of you, you really feel like you are imprisoned. Slowly losing all of your permanents while the opponent keeps on getting an advantage, that is how it goes.

Smokestack has been in many Old Frame Vintage players’ nightmares, laughing at them with their friends: Tangle WireSphere of Resistance, and powered up by Mishra’s Workshops.

Óscar Canedo’s semifinalist deck at the 2023 Old Frame Vintage World Championship.

Stax Appearances in Tournaments

October 2020II MTGOF League2ndÓscar Canedo
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueTop 4Antonio Fiscarelli
December 2020III MTGOF League2ndJohn Longo
December 18, 2020I Open Old Frame6thVedast Sanxis
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueAttilio Bragantini
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueFabio Zanasi
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueAntoine Lamune
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueNicholas Santini
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.28thVedast Sanxis
May 28, 20232023 Worlds4thÓscar Canedo
May 28, 20232023 Worlds7thRoberto Martínez
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.42ndJorge Larrumbide
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.55thJorge Larrumbide
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.65/13Óscar Canedo
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.66/13Jorge Larrumbide
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueGroups PhaseVedast Sanxis
March 30, 2024LMOF 3.25/16Jorge Larrumbide
May 4, 2024LMOF 3.32/12Rubén Cruz