Fifth MTG Old Frame League

On March 2021 we ran the Fifth MTG Old Frame League, while also seeing the event running almost on a monthly basis now.

Felipe Guzman, winner of the Fourth event, played in the finals against James Whitehouse.

Unfortunately for him, there was no repeat, as James’s Doomsday deck took the match against the TPS of Felipe in a very poetic manner, as you can see in the video below.

The pod segment of the tournament was extremely close. In fact, we had two pod winners advance with a 3-2 record, barely edging out their opponents on tiebreakers.

The top four was completed by Dane Michael’s Oath and Michael Arnold’s Stiflenought.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are some of the decks that took part in this edition of the tournament. Make sure to check the About Us page for more information on how to join us and give it your best to make next League your league!

Doomsday – James Whitehouse – First Place

TPS – Felipe Guzman – Second Place

Oath – Dane Michael – Semi-Finals

Stiflenought – Michael Arnold – Semi-Finals