Underground Sea. Illustrated by Rob Alexander.

What is Old Frame?

MTG Old Frame started as a Facebook Group for fellow lovers of the old design of Magic the Gathering cards before Eighth Edition brought the Modern frame.

However, most of us collectors are former players. We have good memories of using those cards almost 20 years ago. And there was no format where we could truly enjoy all the powerful and iconic cards printed between Limited Edition Alpha and Scourge in the same deck.

Seeing how Old School and Premodern were already quite popular formats, we thought it was time to try Old Frame Vintage, a format that would combine both card pools and bring us back to something very similar to what Vintage was when Scourge had just been released.

This also makes Old Frame Vintage different from other Old Frame formats, as this is a format that really existed in the past and was the protagonist of some of the biggest tournaments of those days.

In Old Frame not only can we play the Power Nine in the same deck where a Psychatog, Phyrexian Dreadnought or Goblin Welder lives. We can also play very iconic and powerful spells that are banned in Premodern, like Yawgmoth’s Will, Tolarian Academy or Memory Jar.

What was originally proposed in the Facebook group as a crazy idea immediately got several people interested. So shortly after we started our online league, which is still running, and we created this website.

We hope you share the passion we have for the format and the cards and to play you very soon!

If you want to contact us, you can do so in our Facebook group:

MTG Old Frame

And also in WhatsApp and Discord.