III Liga Madrileña de Old Frame – Day 1

A record 14 players, 4 of whom had never played the format before, gathered for the first event of the III Liga Madrileña de Old Frame on February 24, 2024, at Tempest Store, Madrid, Spain.

9 out of the 14 players of the III Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 1.

We started the III Liga Madrileña de Old Frame with a free event. Prizes consisted of sealed Traditional Chinese Legions and Scourge booster packs, plus 4 Phyrexian Negator and 4 Masticore. Also, the winner won an exclusive set of Power Nine proxies, made by cvaltered.

Unlike in the previous two leagues, this year each event consists of six Swiss rounds.

Emilio de Diego ended up first, with a 5-1 record, just like Juan Manuel Delgado but with better tiebreakers.

III Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 1 Top 4 Decks

Stiflenought – Emilio de Diego – First Place

Stiflenought – Emilio de Diego

Doomsday – Juan Manuel Delgado – Second Place

Doomsday – Juan Manuel Delgado

Hulk Smash – Vedast Sanxis – Third Place

Hulk Smash – Vedast Sanxis

Robots – Sergio Martorell – Fourth Place

Robots – Sergio Martorell

If you’re eager to join this thriving league, do not hesitate to contact ligaoldframemadrid@gmail.com.

For those unable to make it to Madrid, fear not! You can still participate in the action by joining the Online League or staying connected through our lively Facebook group, WhatsApp group and Discord server.

The spirit of Old Frame Vintage burns bright, and we can not wait to see what epic battles the future holds. Join us, and let the adventure continue!