I Old Frame League Madrid – Day 2

After the success of the I Old Frame Madrid League, it was not a surprise, but still amazing news, to see that Metropolis Center was going to organise the second edition of their Old Frame league only a bit over a month after its first edition.

II Old Frame Madrid League.

The date was set for March 13, 2022 and the €10.00 registration price went exclusively to prizes and a raffle. Again, the number of attendants was eight, including Vedast Sanxis, winner of the VI MTG Old Frame League.

Players of the II Old Frame Madrid League.

It was the ultra cool Troll Disk deck of Guillem Alomar, that won the tournament in a field that, unsurprisingly, had several people playing The Perfect Storm, which we know is “the deck to beat of the format” as Felipe wrote in his introduction to TPS. Vedast was one of the TPS players and ended up second.

Guillem Alomar's Mox Jet.

Alfonso Utrilla, winner of the first edition, was not too lucky this time around and his Sligh finished last.

We also experienced the power of The Perfect Storm in a Turn One kill by David Aparicio.

On the last round of the tournament, Guillem Alomar‘s Troll Disk had to defeat Juan Arpón Lafuente‘s Bear Deck Wins to end in first position and David Aparicio was luckily there to record the match for us.

Table for the II Old Frame Madrid League

Troll DiskGuillem Alomar1
TPSVedast Sanxis2
Bear Deck WinsJuan Arpón Lafuente3
TPSDiego Obregón González4
Numa Roberto Pereda5
Eduardo Pazos6
TPSDavid Aparicio7
SlighAlfonso Utrilla Carrero8

II Old Frame Madrid League Decks

And now, time for the aesthetics, here are the powerful AND beautiful decks that took part on the II Old Frame Madrid League. At least most of them. Don’t you feel like playing Old Frame Vintage? If so, join our Facebook group. We will keep you informed of all live and online tournaments that we hear of.

Troll Disco – Guillem Alomar – First Place

Troll Disk - Guillem Alomar - First Place.

TPS – Vedast Sanxis – Second Place

TPS - Vedast Sanxis - Second Place.

TPS – Diego Obregón – Fourth Place

TPS - Diego Obregón - Fourth Place.

The Perfect Storm – David Aparicio – Seventh Place

TPS - David Aparicio - Seventh Place.

Sligh – Alfonso Utrilla – Eight Place

Sligh - Alfonso Utrilla - Eight Place.