Combine cheap and powerful red creatures like Grim Lavamancer, Jackal Pup and a Taiga-powered Kird Ape with all the burn spells you can afford. Lightning Bolt is the obvious first choice.

Alfonso Utrilla’s winning deck at the first Liga Madrileña de Old Frame event.

Sligh Appearances in Tournaments

December 2020III MTGOF LeagueJared Doucette
February 6, 2022LMOF 1.11stAlfonso Utrilla
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.28thAlfonso Utrilla
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.38thAlfonso Utrilla
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.44thAlfonso Utrilla
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.24thAlfonso Utrilla
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.32ndAlfonso Utrilla
May 28, 20232023 Worlds14thAlfonso Utrilla
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.44thAlfonso Utrilla
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.69/13Alfonso Utrilla
May 4, 2024LMOF 3.35/12Pablo Merino
May 4, 2024LMOF 3.310/12Rogelio de los Ríos