Second MTG Old Frame League

Just a couple weeks after the end of the First MTG Old Frame League we had people asking when the next one was going to be. Of course we decided to speed things up and at the end of August we had already closed inscriptions for the Second MTG Old Frame League.

There are very few things that bring to us as much joy as seeing those beautiful art pieces in the right old-school frame clashing against each other despite the distance and the world situation.

We had initial 18 subscriptions to the league and even if some players couldn’t end up participating it was still a blast. We had again two groups (initially it was three) and then semi-finals and a final that saw John Longo wining again! Two out of two, impressive!

This time Óscar Canedo was his rival in the finals, while Antonio Fiscarelli and Karl Akbari completed the semi-finals.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Just like we did in the previous edition, below you can find some of the decks of the tournament, in case you want to try them or adapt them for the following edition of the MTG Old Frame League.

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Stiflenought – John Longo – First Place

Stax – Óscar Canedo – Second Place

Stax – Antonio Fiscarelli – Semi-Finals

Tendrils – Karl Akbari – Semi-Finals

Goblins – Arturo García

Growatog – Felipe Guzman

Juan Espadas Carmona

Trix – Nicolas di Gregorio

Hulk Smash – Rubén Pascual

Growatog – Vedast Sanxis