II Liga Madrileña de Old Frame – Day 6

A record 13 players gathered for the sixth and last event of the II Liga Madrileña de Old Frame on December 2, 2023, at Tempest Store, Madrid, Spain.

12 out of the 13 players of the II Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 6.

Everyone who had played in a previous Liga Madrileña de Old Frame event in 2023 could join this final tournament for free. Others had to pay €11 to participate. Prizes consisted of 20% of the total entry fees from previous events plus 100% from this one, plus €40 donated by the winner of the first tournament of this year. All of this was granted as store credit.

On top of that, 2 Old Frame booster packs were given to two randomly chosen participants, and the winner got an exclusive playmat.

II Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 6 exclusive playmat.

Vedast Sanxis ended up winning for the second time in 2023, after his first place at the first event on January 23. This time, thanks to berserked Psychatogs.

Juan Manuel Delgado was the II Liga Madrileña de Old Frame winner, as he had the most points after the first 5 events, with a total of 13 wins out of 20 rounds played.

Final standings after the first 5 tournaments, the sixth one did not count for this ranking.
Juan Manuel Delgado with his prize, made by Naro. Carlos Dominique is ready to get his nth raffle win of the year.

II Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 6 Final Standings

Hulk SmashVedast Sanxis (4-0)1
MadnessRaúl Torres (3-1-0)2
The Perfect StormPablo Merino (3-1-0)3
UW WeenieDavid Aparicio (3-1-0)4
StaxÓscar Canedo (2-1-1)5
StaxJorge Larrumbide (2-1-1)6
StiflenoughtCarlos Dominique (2-2-0)7
StiflenoughtFrancisco Cumplido (2-2-0)8
SlighAlfonso Utrilla (2-2-0)9
Tools and TubbiesJuan Manuel Delgado (1-3-0)10
The Perfect StormPablo Cubedo11
Oath PonzaRogelio de los Ríos12
SliversJuan Arpón Lafuente13

II Liga Madrileña Old Frame – Day 6 Decks

Hulk Smash – Vedast Sanxis – First Place

Hulk Smash – Vedast Sanxis.

Madness – Raúl Torres – Second Place

Madness – Raúl Torres.

The Perfect Storm – Pablo Merino – Third Place

The Perfect Storm – Pablo Merino.

UW Weenie – David Aparicio – Fourth Place

UW Weenie – David Aparicio.

Stax – Óscar Canedo – Fifth Place

Stax – Óscar Canedo.

Stax – Jorge Larrumbide – Sixth Place

Stax – Jorge Larrumbide.

Stiflenought – Carlos Dominique – Seventh Place

Stiflenought – Carlos Dominique.

Stiflenought – Francisco Cumplido – Eighth Place

Stiflenought – Francisco Cumplido.

Sligh – Alfonso Utrilla – Ninth Place

Sligh – Alfonso Utrilla.

Tools and Tubbies – Juan Manuel Delgado – 10th Place

Tools and Tubbies – Juan Manuel Delgado.

The Perfect Storm – Pablo Cubedo – 11th Place

The Perfect Storm – Pablo Cubedo.

Oath Ponza – Rogelio de los Ríos – 12th Place

Oath Ponza – Rogelio de los Ríos.

Slivers – Juan Arpón Lafuente – 13th Place

Slivers – Juan Arpón Lafuente.

If you’re eager to join this thriving league, do not hesitate to contact ligaoldframemadrid@gmail.com.

For those unable to make it to Madrid, fear not! You can still participate in the action by joining the Online League or staying connected through our lively Facebook group, WhatsApp group and Discord server.

The spirit of Old Frame Vintage burns bright, and we can not wait to see what epic battles the future holds. Join us, and let the adventure continue!