Live Old Frame Events

Nowadays, anyone with an internet connection and a webcam can participate in our Online Old Frame League. However, there is nothing like playing in person. Here you can see the list of all Old Frame Vintage events that have taken place so far, ordered chronologically. Each of them is linked to an article where you can find more information about what happened in that particular tournament:

Javier Sánchez’ winning deck at the 2023 Old Frame Vintage Championship, the biggest tournament so far.

The Old Frame Live Events Hall of Fame

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EditionDateWinnerWinning Deck
I OpenDecember 18, 2020Paco BenllochTPS
LMOF 1.1February 6, 2022Alfonso UtrillaSligh
LMOF 1.2March 13, 2022Guillem AlomarTroll Disk
LMOF 1.3April 17, 2022David AparicioHigh Tide
LMOF 1.4May 15, 2022David AparicioOath
LMOF 1.5June 19, 2022Diego ObregónTPS
LMOF 1.6September 25, 2022Pablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
LMOF 2.1January 21, 2023Vedast SanxisTPS
LMOF 2.2March 11, 2023Rodrigo TogoresDrain Storm
LMOF 2.3May 13, 2023Rogelio de los RíosURG Stiflenought
2023 WorldsMay 28, 2023Javier SánchezWUB Stiflenought
LMOF 2.4July 29, 2023Juan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
LMOF 2.5September 16, 2023Francisco CumplidoWUBR Stiflenought

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