X MTG Old Frame League

Can you believe it? Right with the start of 2022, our MTG Old Frame League has reached double digits! Another tournament played in the Old Frame Vintage format with a total 12 participantes registered.

The X MTG Old Frame League brought yet another win by David Kaplan who has been untreatable lately and won the last three editions of the league. He has won every league he has been part of. What a star!

David ran his Ghoulnought deck past Phil Thorson‘s Hulk Smash in a final that you can luckily watch in the following video.

This time around we saw several different and interesting decks: Raymond Mitchell‘s “budget” life combo deck, another GhoulNought list by Johannes Kämmler, and a sweet Doomsday pile by Michael Arnold.

This tenth edition of the league is going to mark too a point of inflexion since the next event will be our first ever MTG Old Frame Commander League! Ready to rock those Karn‘s and Sliver Queens to victory?

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are some of the decks of the X MTGO Old Frame League. And, as always, make sure you go to our About Us page for more information on how to join us in the greatest Magic the Gathering format of them all, this time, with your Commander!

Angry Hermit- David Kaplan – First Place

Ghoulnought - David Kaplan - First Place.

Hulk Smash – Phil Thorson – Second Place

Hulk Smash - Phil Thorson - Second Place

Hulk Smash – Attilio Bragantini – Semi-Finalist

Hulk Smash - Attilio Bragantini - Semifinals

Life – Raymond Mitchell – Semi-Finalist

Abzan Life Combo - Raymond Mitchell - Semifinals

Canadian Threshold – Felipe Guzmán

Bear Deck Wins - Felipe Guzman

UR Robots- Jens Jaeger

UR Welder - Jens Jaeger

Angry Hermit- Johannes Kämmler

Ghoulnought - Johannes Kämmler

Turbo Dragon – Deep Sea Dick

Black Dragon - Deep Sea Dick

Doomsday – Michael Arnold

Doomsday - Michael Arnold