Old Frame League Madrid IV

I Old Frame League Madrid – Day 4

It took us a bit too long to publish the results of the third stage of the Old Frame Madrid League and the guys there have been so busy that we can already get to what happened on the fourth stage, celebrated May 15, 2022. A stage whose promotional poster includes my favourite Magic the Gathering card ever, Mind’s Desire.

Old Frame League Madrid IV

The list of players for this stage was identical to the previous with only one exception: Guillem Alomar (winner of the second stage) couldn’t make it this time and Vedast Sanxis attended again. It doesn’t surprise us that people keep on going back to play this format, Old Frame Vintage has quickly become the favourite format for a lot of old school Magic the Gathering players.

Doomsday vs Keeper.

David Aparicio became the first player to make it back-to-back by finishing at the top of the table after the four rounds played, adding a Mox Emerald to his Mox Sapphire.

In the final game of the day, David had to beat Alfonso Utrilla, winner of the first stage and a regular Sligh player. You can see that match in the following video.

Table for the IV Old Frame Madrid League

OathDavid Aparicio (3-0-1)1
Bear Deck WinsPablo Merino (3-1-0)2
TPSDiego Obregón González (2-1-1)3
SlighAlfonso Utrilla Carrero (2-1-1)4
TPSVedast Sanxis (2-2-0) 5
DoomsdayJuan Manuel Delgado (2-2-0)6
Antonio V (2-2-0)7
KeeperRaúl Torres (1-2-1)8
Numa Roberto Pereda (1-3-0)9

IV Old Frame Madrid League Decks

We love to see how the format evolves and more different archetypes make it to the tournaments while the staples get also more refined. Here are seven of the nine decks that participated on the IV Old Frame Madrid League.

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Oath – David Aparicio – First Place

Oath - David Aparicio - First Place.

Canadian Threshold – Pablo Merino – Second Place

Bear Deck Wins - Pablo Merino - Second Place.

The Perfect Storm – Diego Obregón González – Third Place

TPS - Diego Obregón González - Third Place.

Sligh – Alfonso Utrilla Carrero – Fourth Place

Sligh - Alfonso Utrilla Carrero - Fourth Place.

The Perfect Storm – Vedast Sanxis – Fifth Place

TPS - Vedast Sanxis - Fifth Place.

Doomsday – Juan Manuel Delgado – Sixth Place

Doomsday - Juan Manuel - Sixth Place.

Keeper – Raúl Torres – Eighth Place

Keeper - Raúl Torres - Eighth Place.