Seventh MTG Old Frame League

The summer of 2021 saw us play the Seventh MTG Old Frame League in which Felipe Guzman secured his victory by defeating first time finalist Fabio Zanasi.

This is a very special victory for Felipe who becomes the second player to ever win two editions of the league while also becoming the only player together with John Longo, winner of the first two leagues, to reach three finals!

The all-tempo match between Felipe‘s Bear Deck Wins and Fabio‘s URw Fish was a nail-biter that ended 3-2. You can watch it all in the following video:

The semifinals were completed by Raymond Mitchell playing Trix and Luke Tooker playing Keeper.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are the top decks that played on the Seventh edition of our league. Make sure to check the About Us page for more information on how to join us in the greatest Magic the Gathering format of them all!

Bear Deck Wins – Felipe Guzmán – First Place

URw Fish – Fabio Zanasi – Second Place

Trix – Raymond Mitchell – Semifinals

Keeper – Luke Tooker – Semifinals