IX MTG Old Frame League

2021 ended with the celebration of our IX MTGO Old Frame League in which David Kaplan won to make it back-to-back tournaments in only two participations!

The only other player to ever achieve this feat was John Longo, who won the First and Second MTG Old Frame Leagues.

The main difference was that he won the tournaments with two completely different decks. Last time it was a TPS, the most played deck in the format, but this time he went for a 4-Color Dreadnought build that won 2-0 in the finals.

His rival, Karl Akbari played an interesting Psychatog deck he called The Ultimate Draw Go Pile.

Galen Lemei, with a Storm build and Kim Karl Pfeiffer with a Threshold Dreadnought completed the semi-finals.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are some of the decks of this IX MTGO Old Frame League. Make sure to check the About Us page for more information on how to join us in the greatest Magic the Gathering format of them all!

4-Color Dreadnought – David Kaplan – First Place

The Ultimate Draw Go Pile – Karl Akbari – Second Place

TPS – Galen Lemei – Semifinals

Threshold Dreadnought – Kim Karl Pfeiffer – Semifinals

Trix – Alexander Caviris

UR TNT – Fabio Zanasi

Mono Red TNT – Vedast Sanxis

The 0-3 – Felipe Guzman

5-Color Welder Stax – Antoine Lamune