I Old Frame League Madrid – Day 5

The V Old Frame Madrid League, fifth and last stage of the first season of the Old Frame Madrid League took place this past weekend on June 19, 2022, giving us yet another great day of Old Frame Vintage and a final winner for the league.

After the first four stages, the top three players were within nine points of each other. David Aparicio, winner of the third and fourth stages was in first position with 33 points, followed closely by Diego Obregón with 30 points and Alfonso Utrilla, whose Sligh won the first stage, with 24 points. It was time to see who would take the fifth stage and who would make it out on top of them all.

Liga Old Frame 5ª Jornada.

Just as it’s been the case with the previous four stages, the winner of the V Old Frame Madrid League was set to win a beautiful Mox necklace (in this case, a Mox Pearl).

Mox Pearl, winner's prize.

Summer in Madrid can be daunting, and thus, a couple of the regular players had fled the city and were not able to participate in a tournament that still saw a decent seven players taking part in it. Alfonso Utrilla was one of the “casualties” and the final ranking turned into a two-way affair between David Aparicio and a winless Diego Obregón.

Players of the V Old Frame Madrid League.

After all, Diego wouldn’t remain winless for long. His loyalty to his TPS deck finally paid off and with three victories and a tie ended up at the top of the classification when the fourth and last round was over.

Diego Obregón.

Here is a video of the last match of the league where he actually defeated David Aparicio and his Landstill.

Tying the League Standings on the Last Match

But that was not it for Diego. Moreover, his three wins tied him with David Aparicio (who ended 2-2-0, earning 6 points) on top of the final standings for the league, what an incredible way to end the first season of the Old Frame Madrid League.

Well, not exactly. There is going to be in addition a Grand Final to the league. Each player who took part in at least one of the stages of the league is granted a spot on the Grand Final, with a date still to be determined. Will Diego go back-to-back like David did in stages III and IV?

Table for the V Old Frame Madrid League

Diego Obregón González (3-0-1)1
Bear Deck WinsPablo Merino (3-1-0)2
KeeperRaúl Torres (2-1-1)3
LandstillDavid Aparicio (2-2-0)4
Troll DiskGuillem Alomar (2-2-0)5
Dead Guy AleNuma Roberto Pereda (2-2-0)6
Bear Deck WinsJuan Arpón Lafuente (1-3-0)7

V Old Frame Madrid League Decks

The league ended just like it started, with another varied display of decks that shape a beautifully competitive format. After all, we saw six different archetypes in just seven deck-lists.

To conclude, here are five of the decks that participated on the V Old Frame Madrid League.

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The Perfect Storm – Diego Obregón González – First Place

TPS - Diego Obregón González - First Place.

Canadian Threshold – Pablo Merino – Second Place

Bear Deck Wins – Pablo Merino – Second Place.
The 3x Wooded Foothills are just for visual reference, no 3x of any card was main-decked.

Keeper – Raúl Torres – Third Place

Keeper - Raúl Torres - Third Place.

Landstill – David Aparicio – Fourth Place

Landstill - David Aparicio - Fourth Place.

Dead Guy Ale – Numa Roberto Pereda – Sixth Place

Dead Guy Ale - Numa Roberto Pereda - Sixth Place.