MTG Old Frame League XVII

10 players joined the XVII edition of our MTG Old Frame League, which took place between July 2023 and September 2023. We played our main format, Old Frame Vintage.

Groups for the MTG Old Frame League XVII.

As in every other MTG Old Frame League since the 12th one, the winner got a card altered by Kevin Altered. In this case, a Mind Twist was awarded, which was the first card with our Old Frame logo.

MTG Old Frame League XVII Winner Prize. Foil Mind Twist.

The 10 participants were split into 2 groups. Each of them played 4 matches, and these were the final standings to determine who would qualify for the top 4 single-elimination phase:

Final Standings of the Groups for the MTG Old Frame League XVII.

Top 4

Based on the final standings, these were the matches that took place in the semifinals:

Juan Espadas won 2-1 against Vedast Sanxis, with both of them playing very similar The Perfect Storm lists. Nicholas Boltuc’s Pitch Long won 2-1 against Attilio Bragantini’s Hulk Smash.


Online Old Frame League XVII Finals

After a very intense and long finals, Juan Espadas won 3-2, becoming the XVII MTG Old Frame League champion!

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MTG Old Frame League XVII Decks

Here you can find the Old Frame Vintage decks that reached the top 4 in this MTG Old Frame League XVII.

The Perfect Storm – Juan Espadas – First Place

The Perfect Storm – Juan Espadas.

Pitch Long- Nicholas Boltuc – Second Place

Pitch Long – Nicholas Boltuc.

Hulk Smash – Attilio Bragantini – Semi-Finalist

Hulk Smash – Attilio Bragantini.

The Perfect Storm – Vedast Sanxis – Semi-Finalist

The Perfect Storm – Vedast Sanxis.

Thresnought – Chema Valero

Thresnought – Chema Valero

Stiflenought – Javier Sánchez

Stiflenought – Javier Sánchez

Hulk Smash – Karl Akbari

Hulk Smash – Karl Akbari

Landstill – Samuel Leng

Landstill – Samuel Leng