Sixth MTG Old Frame League

April 2021 saw the running of the Sixth MTG Old Frame League and after three consecutive wins by Tendrils players, things got aggro!

Vedast Sanxis won his first league after attending a final previously. His rival in the last head-to-head was Joe Martin-Knoll.

The aggro was brought by Vedast‘s Tools’n’Tubbies deck (who won 3-0 on the finals) and Joe‘s Suicide Black. What a beautiful and deep format this is!

The two players who completed the top four in this occasion were Karl Pfeiffer and his UBw Stiflenought and Karl Akbari with The Shining.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are some of the decks that took part in this edition of the tournament. Make sure to check the About Us page for more information on how to join us and give it your best to make next League your league!

Tools and Tubbies – Vedast Sanxis – First Place

Tools'n'Tubbies - Vedast Sanxis - First Place.

Suicide Black – Joe Martin-Knoll – Second Place

Suicide Black - Joe Martin-Knoll - Second Place.

UBw Stiflenought – Karl Pfeiffer – Semi-Finalist

UBw Stiflenought - Karl Pfeiffer - Semi-Finals.

The Shining – Karl Akbari – Semi-Finalist

The Shining - Karl Akbari - Semi-Finals.

Turbo Dragon – Alexander Caviris

Dragon Combo - Alexander Caviris.

Canadian Threshold – Felipe Guzmán

Tempo Thresh - Felipe Guzman.