XI MTG Old Frame League

MTG Old Frame started as a group of collectors with a shared passion for the original design of Magic the Gathering cards, but in the past couple of years has reached new levels. A new step forward was taken when the eleventh edition of the MTG Old Frame League, whose finals were played less than a week ago, deviated for the first time from the popular Old Frame Vintage format to try something new. Old Frame Commander.

The decks increased in size to 100 cards, one of which, the commander card would determine the colours available to the player. Nine participants fought in two different groups and the top two players of each group made it to the semi-finals.

When all was said and done, Vedast Sanxis, winner of the VI MTG Old Frame League took home the Korean Visions Booster Pack prize and the bragging rights for being the first Old Frame Commander champion.

His deck, just like Karl Akbari‘s, who ended in second place, had Sliver Queen as the commander, but the approaches were quite different, with Vedast choosing a control-focused deck and Karl trying a bit harder to combo.

We cast live the finals in our Twitch Channel and also decided to do a commentary for the recording to upload it on our Youtube Channel. Please make sure you leave comments and let us know whether you like this type of videos so we can work on them moving forward.

The Top 4 was completed by Felipe Guzman and David Kaplan who almost managed to make it four wins in a row in our league.

Felipe, just like the two finalists (and most of the field) chose Sliver Queen as the commander for his deck, but David took a different 5-colour route, by picking Cromat instead.

Next edition of our MTG Old Frame League will go back to the previous format, Old Frame Vintage, but after playing this fun Old Frame Commander format everyone is already discussing other possibilities, like tribal, singleton, or even a potential Old Frame Legacy.

You can now also interact with us, show your decks and participate in the conversation on our Discord Sever.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Following you will see the decks that made it to the Top 4 of the XI MTG Old Frame League. Remember that inscriptions for the next league will start the moment this post goes live, so run to register as soon as you see it!

Sliver Queen – Vedast Sanxis – First Place

Sliver Queen - Vedast Sanxis - First Place.

Sliver Queen – Karl Akbari – Second Place

Sliver Queen - Karl Akbari - Second Place.

Cromat – David Kaplan – Semi-Finalist

Cromat - David Kaplan - Semifinals.

Sliver Queen – Felipe Guzman – Semi-Finalist

Sliver Queen - Felipe Guzman - Semifinals.