VIII MTG Old Frame League

The VIII MTGO Old Frame League came to an end, proclaiming as champion of the tournament the newcomer David Kaplan!

The league was held between September and October of 2021 and it saw David piloting a TPS Deck all the way to victory, defeating in the finals the Storm deck of Karl Akbari, one of our regular players and winner of the III MTG Old Frame League.

David‘s victory made him also the first person to ever earn a prize as champion of our league. A nice Portal sealed product got his way also to commemorate the addition of the Portal sets to the list of allowed sets.

The semi-finals were completed by two more newcomers, Antoine Lamune, who used a sweet Alluren deck rocking Imperial Recruiter and Michael Giuliani who piloted my favourite deck in the format and the one I used to play when back in the Vintage days of 2004: Urw Fish.

MTG Old Frame League Decks

Here are the top decks that played on the VIII edition of our league. Make sure to check the About Us page for more information on how to join us in the greatest Magic the Gathering format of them all!

The Perfect Storm – David Kaplan – First Place

The Perfect Storm - David Kaplan - First Place.
Time Spiral missing in the picture but included in the deck.

Aluren – Antoine Lamune – Semi-Finalist

Alluren - Antoine Lamune - Semifinals.

Urw Fish – Michael Giuliani – Semi-Finalist

Urw Fish - Michael Giuliani - Semifinals.

UWB Stiflenough – Felipe Guzmán

UWB Stiflenough - Felipe Guzman.

Rector Trix – Alex Caviris

Academy Rector - Alex Caviris.