93/94 Old School: LCOS

Deck Construction Rules

  • Cards per deck: At least 60 plus a 15 cards sideboard.
  • Allowed sets: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, and Fallen Empires.
  • Reprint rules: Every reprint that is Old Frame, uses the original art, is not foil and has the regular Magic backside is allowed.


Contemporary rules and errata are followed, except for a few exceptions:

  • Chaos Orb: 1, Tap: Choose a nontoken permanent on the battlefield. If Chaos Orb is on the battlefield, flip Chaos Orb onto the battlefield from a height of at least one foot. If Chaos Orb turns over completely at least once during the flip, and touches the chosen permanent, destroy that permanent. Then destroy Chaos Orb.
  • Falling Star: Choose any number of non-overlapping creatures on the battlefield. Flip Falling Star from a height of at least one foot. If Falling Star turns over completely at least 360 degrees during the flip, it deals 3 damage to each chosen creature it lands on. Any creatures damaged by Falling Star that are not destroyed become tapped.
  • If a match would be a tie, the tiebreaker will be a sudden death Chaos Orb flipping contest. If both players make or miss the Chaos Orb flip in the same round, repeat the process. The first person to make it while the other person misses will be declared the winner of the match.

Banned and Restricted Cards

  • Banned: Bronze Tablet, Contract from Below, Darkpact, Demonic Attorney, Jeweled Bird, Rebirth, Tempest Efreet.
  • Restricted: Ancestral Recall, Balance, Black Lotus, Braingeyser, Channel, Chaos Orb, Demonic Tutor, Library of Alexandria, Mana Drain, Maze of Ith, Mind Twist, Mishra’s Factory, Mox Emerald, Mox Jet, Mox Pearl, Mox Ruby, Mox Sapphire, Regrowth, Shahrazad, Sol Ring, Strip Mine, Time Walk, Timetwister, Wheel of Fortune.

Winning deck at the LCOS: September 2022.


You can find more information about this format on their website and Instagram.