Decks Database

In the following table, you can see every deck played in physical or online Old Frame tournaments, which we have pictures of. This includes mostly Old Frame Vintage decks but also from other Old Frame formats like Old Frame Commander and Old Frame Legacy.

July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFV1stJohn LongoGrowatog
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndSimon SchoofsThe Perfect Storm
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Zac ClarkProsperity Bloom
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Felipe GuzmánStiflenought
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl AkbariThe Perfect Storm
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVMichael ArnoldRectal Agony
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVQuinn MaurmannKeeper
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVRyan CookNether Go
July 2020I MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisGrowatog
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFV1stJohn LongoStiflenought
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndÓscar CanedoStax
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Antonio FiscarelliStax
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Karl AkbariThe Perfect Storm
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVArturo GarcíaGoblins
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVFelipe GuzmánGrowatog
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVJuan EspadasBG Aggro
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVNicolas di GregorioRector Trix
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVRubén PascualKeeper
October 2020II MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisGrowatog
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFV1stKarl AkbariThe Perfect Storm
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndJohn LongoStax
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Jaime CanoDrain Storm
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Raymond MitchellOshawa Stompy
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFVBrian DurkinStiflenought
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFVJared DoucetteSligh
December 2020III MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisGrowatog
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV1stPaco BenllochThe Perfect Storm
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV2ndTadeo PonsLandstill
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFVTop 4Nacho BarrachinaKeeper
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFVTop 4José Manuel FernándezStiflenought
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV5thSete BandrésGoblins
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV6thVedast SanxisStax
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV7thPablo SuárezStiflenought
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV8thPablo CubedoStiflenought
December 18, 2020I Open Old FrameOFV12thRoberto MartínezThe Perfect Storm
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFV1stFelipe GuzmánThe Perfect Storm
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndVedast SanxisTools and Tubbies
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4John LongoHulk Smash
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Karl AkbariThe Shining
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVAttilio BragantiniStax
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVFabio ZanasiFish
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVFrederique LafouxDreams
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVJared DoucetteTools and Tubbies
February 2021IV MTGOF LeagueOFVRaymond MitchellOshawa Stompy
March 2021V MTGOF LeagueOFV1stJames WhitehouseDoomsday
March 2021V MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndFelipe GuzmánThe Perfect Storm
March 2021V MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Dane MaloneOath
March 2021V MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Michael ArnoldStiflenought
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFV1stVedast SanxisTools and Tubbies
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndJoe Martin-KnollSuicide Black
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Karl PfeifferStiflenought
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Karl AkbariThe Shining
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFVAlexander CavirisTurbo Dragon
April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueOFVFelipe GuzmánCanadian Threshold
July 2021VII MTGOF LeagueOFV1stFelipe GuzmánCanadian Threshold
July 2021VII MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndFabio ZanasiFish
July 2021VII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Luke TookerKeeper
July 2021VII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Raymond MitchellRector Trix
October 2021VIII MTGOF LeagueOFV1stDavid KaplanThe Perfect Storm
October 2021VIII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Antoine LamuneAluren
October 2021VIII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Michael GiulianiFish
October 2021VIII MTGOF LeagueOFVAlexander CavirisRector Trix
October 2021VIII MTGOF LeagueOFVFelipe GuzmánStiflenought
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFV1stDavid KaplanStiflenought
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndKarl AkbariThe Shining
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Galen LemeiThe Perfect Storm
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Karl PfeifferThresnought
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVAlexander CavirisRector Trix
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVAntoine LamuneStax
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVFabio ZanasiStax
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVFelipe GuzmánDrain Storm
December 2021IX MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisRobots
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFV1stDavid KaplanAngry Hermit
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndPhil TorsonHulk Smash
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Attilio BragantiniHulk Smash
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Raymond MitchellLife
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVDeep Sea DickTurbo Dragon
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVFelipe GuzmánCanadian Threshold
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVJens JaegerRobots
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVJohannes KämmlerAngry Hermit
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueOFVMichael ArnoldDoomsday
February 6, 2022LMOF 1.1OFV1stAlfonso UtrillaSligh
February 6, 2022LMOF 1.1OFV2ndRaúl TorresKeeper
February 6, 2022LMOF 1.1OFV4thDavid AparicioHulk Smash
February 6, 2022LMOF 1.1OFVTop 4Diego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.2OFV1stGuillem AlomarTroll Disco
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.2OFV2ndVedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.2OFV4thDiego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.2OFV7thDavid AparicioThe Perfect Storm
March 13, 2022LMOF 1.2OFV8thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
April 2022XI MTGOF LeagueOFC1stVedast SanxisSliver Queen Control
April 2022XI MTGOF LeagueOFC2ndKarl AkbariSliver Queen Combo
April 2022XI MTGOF LeagueOFCTop 4David KaplanCromat Control
April 2022XI MTGOF LeagueOFCTop 4Felipe GuzmánSliver Queen Combo
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV1stDavid AparicioHigh Tide
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV2ndJuan Manuel DelgadoTools and Tubbies
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV3rdDiego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV6thPablo MerinoGrowatog
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV8thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
April 17, 2022LMOF 1.3OFV9thRaúl TorresKeeper
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV1stDavid AparicioOath
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV2ndPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV3rdDiego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV4thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV5thVedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV6thJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.4OFV8thRaúl TorresKeeper
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.5OFV1stDiego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.5OFV2ndPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.5OFV3rdRaúl TorresKeeper
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.5OFV4thDavid AparicioLandstill
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.5OFV6thNuma Roberto PeredaDead Guy Ale
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFV1stKarl AkbariThe Shining
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndPhil TorsonMasknought
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Alexander CavirisReanimator
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Vedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVAttilio BragantiniHulk Smash
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVDavid AparicioDrain Storm
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVDavid KaplanStiflenought
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl PfeifferRG Maze
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVÓscar CanedoFish
July 2022XII MTGOF LeagueOFVVíctor Manuel MartínezThe Perfect Storm
September 25, 2022LMOF 1.6OFV1stPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
September 25, 2022LMOF 1.6OFV2ndDavid AparicioFish
September 25, 2022LMOF 1.6OFV4thDiego ObregónThe Perfect Storm
September 25, 2022LMOF 1.6OFV5thRaúl TorresKeeper
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFV1stDavid KaplanThe Perfect Storm
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndKarl AkbariHulk Smash
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Juan EspadasCanadian Threshold
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4David AparicioHigh Tide
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVAlexander CavirisRector Trix
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVAttilio BragantiniHulk Smash
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl PfeifferThresnought
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVNicholas SantiniStax
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVÓscar CanedoFish
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVPhil TorsonElves
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueOFVVíctor Manuel MartínezDump Truck
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV1stVedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV2ndJuan Arpón LafuenteThresnought
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV3rdPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV4thNaroTurbo Dragon
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV5thJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV6thDavid AparicioRectal Agony
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV9thRaúl TorresDump Truck
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.1OFV10thNuma Roberto PeredaDragonborn
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFV1stDavid AparicioLandstill
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndAttilio BragantiniHulk Smash
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Jaime CanoDrain Storm
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Víctor Manuel MartínezDump Truck
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVAntoine LamuneDoomsday
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVChema ValeroReanimator
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl AkbariThe Shining
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVNicholas BoltucStiflenought
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVÓscar CanedoFish
February 2023XIV MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisInfested Bazaar
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV1stRodrigo TogoresDrain Storm
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV2ndPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV3rdDominiqueAngry Hermit
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV4thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV5thJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV6thDavid AparicioGrowatog
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV7thAlberto PozaThresnought
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV8thVedast SanxisStax
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV9thRaúl TorresDump Truck
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV10thRogelio de los RíosStiflenought
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.2OFV11thNuma Roberto PeredaDragonborn
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFL1stMichael ArnoldGoblins
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFL2ndVinícius BragaCanadian Threshold
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLTop 4Karl AkbariCanadian Threshold
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLTop 4Attilio BragantiniHulk Smash
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLAntoine LamuneDoomsday
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLGalen LemeiHigh Tide
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLJoshua NyerPhid
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLPhil TorsonElves
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLSamuel LengIggy Pop
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLVedast SanxisStiflenought
May 2023XV MTGOF LeagueOFLZach MurphyStiflenought
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV1stRogelio de los RíosThresnought
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV2ndAlfonso UtrillaSligh
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV3rdJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV4thDavid AparicioThe Shining
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV5thRaúl TorresKeeper
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV6thPablo MerinoDrain Storm
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV7thVedast SanxisRobots
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV8thNaroTurbo Dragon
May 13, 2023LMOF 2.3OFV9thNuma Roberto PeredaDragonborn
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV1stJavier SánchezStiflenought
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV2ndElías ÚbedaDrain Storm
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV3rdJuan EspadasCanadian Threshold
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV4thÓscar CanedoStax
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV5thFélix CampoTools and Tubbies
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV6thPablo CubedoHulk Smash
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV7thRoberto MartínezStax
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV8thResti GonzálezRobots
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV9thRaúl TalaveraTurbo Dragon
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV10thJuan Luis HinarejosIllusionary Stax
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV11thNacho BarrachinaStiflenought
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV12thVedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV13thDavid AparicioHulk Smash
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV14thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV15thChema ValeroCanadian Threshold
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV16thAndrés Ramón MartínezThe Perfect Storm
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV17thPablo SuárezElves
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV18thRubén PascualStiflenought
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV19thPaco SangüesaDrain Storm
May 28, 20232023 WorldsOFV20thRicardo BotellaGoblins
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFV1stNicholas BoltucPitch Long
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndVíctor Manuel MartínezDump Truck
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Alexander CavirisRector Trix
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Galen LemeiThe Perfect Storm
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVAntoine LamuneDoomsday
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVAttilio BragantiniHulk Smash
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVChema ValeroCanadian Threshold
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVDavid AparicioHulk Smash
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVJavier SánchezStiflenought
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl AkbariHulk Smash
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVÓscar CanedoRobots
July 2023XVI MTGOF LeagueOFVVedast SanxisRobots
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV1stJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV2ndJorge LarrumbideStax
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV3rdRaúl TorresMadness
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV4thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV5thRogelio de los RíosThresnought
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV6thPablo ThononWhite Weenie
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV7thPablo MerinoLands
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV8thDavid AparicioSneak and Show
July 29, 2023LMOF 2.4OFV9thNuma Roberto PeredaRector Trix
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFV1stJuan EspadasThe Perfect Storm
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFV2ndNicholas BoltucPitch Long
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Attilio BragantiniHulk Smash
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVTop 4Vedast SanxisThe Perfect Storm
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVChema ValeroThresnought
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVJavier SánchezStiflenought
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVKarl AkbariHulk Smash
September 2023XVII MTGOF LeagueOFVSamuel LengLandstill
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV1stFrancisco CumplidoStiflenought
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV2ndDavid AparicioOath
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV3rdJuan Manuel DelgadoTools and Tubbies
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV4thPablo MerinoCanadian Threshold
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV5thJorge LarrumbideStax
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV6thRogelio de los RíosThresnought
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV7thRaúl TorresMadness
September 17, 2023LMOF 2.5OFV8thJuan Arpón LafuenteThresnought
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV1stVedast SanxisHulk Smash
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV2ndRaúl TorresMadness
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV3rdPablo MerinoThe Perfect Storm
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV4thDavid AparicioUW Weenie
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV5thÓscar CanedoStax
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV6thJorge LarrumbideStax
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV7thCarlos DominiqueStiflenought
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV8thFrancisco CumplidoStiflenought
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV9thAlfonso UtrillaSligh
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV10thJuan Manuel DelgadoTools and Tubbies
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV11thPablo CubedoThe Perfect Storm
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV12thRogelio de los RíosOath Ponza
December 2, 2023LMOF 2.6OFV13thJuan Arpón LafuenteSlivers
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFV1stKarl AkbariHulk Smash
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFV2ndNicholas BoltucThe Perfect Storm
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVTop 4Chema ValeroThresnought
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVTop 4Alex CavirisRector Trix
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVAntoine LamuneThe Perfect Storm
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVDavid AparicioUW Weenie
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVJaime CanoPhid
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVJuan EspadasInfested Bazaar
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVMatthew RansonPhid
December 2023XVIII Old Frame LeagueOFVVedast SanxisStax
February 2024XIX Old Frame LeagueApocalypse Standard1stMichael ArnoldNether Go
February 2024XIX Old Frame LeagueApocalypse Standard2ndDavid DanielFires
February 2024XIX Old Frame LeagueApocalypse StandardTop 4Vedast SanxisMachine Head
February 2024XIX Old Frame LeagueApocalypse StandardTop 4Fred FleuryMachine Head
February 24, 0202LMOF 3.1OFV1stEmilio de DiegoStiflenought
February 24, 0202LMOF 3.1OFV2ndJuan Manuel DelgadoDoomsday
February 24, 0202LMOF 3.1OFVTop 4Vedast SanxisHulk Smash
February 24, 0202LMOF 3.1OFVTop 4Sergio MartorellRobots
March 30, 0202LMOF 3.2OFV1stJaime CanoDrain Storm
March 30, 0202LMOF 3.2OFV2ndCarlos DominiqueAngry Hermit
March 30, 0202LMOF 3.2OFVTop 4José Ramón CruzTurbo Dragon
March 30, 0202LMOF 3.2OFVTop 4Vedast SanxisHulk Smash