Canadian Threshold

Felipe Guzmán wrote a detailed article about Canadian Threshold, which he calls “Bear Deck Wins”. It was written before Brainstorm became restricted. He tried this archetype several times and even won the VII Old Frame League with it.

Felipe Guzmán’s Canadian Threshold at the VII Old Frame League.

Canadian Threshold Appearances in Tournaments

April 2021VI MTGOF LeagueFelipe Guzmán
July 2021VII MTGOF League1stFelipe Guzmán
February 2022X MTGOF LeagueFelipe Guzmán
May 15, 2022LMOF 1.42ndPablo Merino
June 19, 2022LMOF 1.52ndPablo Merino
September 25, 2022LMOF 1.61stPablo Merino
October 2022XIII MTGOF LeagueTop 4Juan Espadas
January 21, 2023LMOF 2.13rdPablo Merino
March 11, 2023LMOF 2.22ndPablo Merino
May 28, 20232023 WorldsTop 4Juan Espadas
May 28, 20232023 Worlds15thChema Valero
July 2023XVI Old Frame LeagueGroups PhaseChema Valero
September 16, 2023LMOF 2.54thPablo Merino