MTG Old Frame Live Tournaments

When the MTG Old Frame League was launched in mid 2020, the idea to have live tournaments of any of the formats played in our community was little more than a dream.

But the celebration of the I Open Old Frame in Valencia, Spain on December 2021 made that dream come true and now we even have a regular league played in Old Frame Vintage in Madrid, Spain.

Following is a recollection of all the live Old Frame tournaments we are aware of, past and future. And please, make sure, if you know of other tournaments being run, or want to run one in your local area, let us know, so we can help you promote it and log it here!

One-Of Old Frame Live Tournaments

I Open Old Frame

The I Open Old Frame was the first Magic the Gathering Old Frame tournament we are aware of. It was played on December 18, 2021 in Valencia, Spain.

I Open Old Frame Banner
I Open Old Frame Banner

Recurrent Old Frame Live Tournaments and Leagues

I Old Frame League Madrid

The I Old Frame League in Madrid was the first recurrent tournament in the Old Frame Vintage format and it’s still ongoing, with it’s second season running.

The first season had five game days and a grand final played over a period of about half a year in 2022.

What’s Next? Scheduled Old Frame Live Tournaments

Here are the current scheduled Old Frame Live Tournaments, ordered by date:

  • January 21. Old Frame League Madrid 2023 – Day 1. Venue: Tempest Store, Madrid, Spain.