First Premodern 10 Points Singleton Tournament

60 cards per deck. Only one copy of each card, except for basic lands. Every card except for ante ones is allowed. Adding the best cards to your deck costs points, of which you have 10. Every Premodern set is permitted. This is Premodern 10 Points Singleton.

Under those rules, 4 people dared to play this format for the first time today in Valencia, Spain. We brought quite different decks. Nacho Barrachina built a white-black control deck. Roberto Martínez, an artifacts deck. Pablo Cubedo, a blue-black reanimator deck. My deck was blue-green with many utility creatures, resembling what I remembered playing on Magic Online Singleton around 2004.

We played round-robin. Nacho won a match, like me. Roberto and Pablo both won 2 matches, so they played again to see who was the winner. Pablo managed to take the title and become the first Premodern 10 Points Singleton winner.

Pablo Cubedo’s winning deck. Akroma was a proxy for Symbiotic Wurm. 3-1.
Roberto Martínez’ deck, 2-2.
Vedast Sanxis’ deck, 2-2,
Nacho Barrachina’s deck, 1-3.